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Earth Remote Sensing

The Company is a business partner of the leading space program operators. Based on the partner agreements we offer space imagery of various spatial resolution from such space vehicles as GeoEye-1, WorldView-1/2/3, Super View and others to our clients in Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

«Terra Exploration» LLP performs a complex of works to create digital elevation models and 3-D modeling. Also, the Company delivers global digital elevation models: WorldDEM, NextMap, AW3D, SRTM and AsterDEM.

Owing to innovative developments and cooperation with worldwide companies, the Company can offer the widest range of services in the market of Kazakhstan. We always take account of the customer and partner needs and perform primarily focused on high-quality and professionalism that enables us to remain in-demand.

  • Ordering and delivering of high, medium and low resolution satellite data acquired by both optical and radar systems.
  • Aerial surveys using UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle).
  • Processing of aerial and satellite images;
    • image bridging to reference GPS / GCP points;
    • creation of digital terrain and surface models;
    • creation of high resolution orthophotoplans
    • creation of seamless orthophotomosaics;
    • 3D modeling.
  • Low-altitude magnetometer survey using UAV.
  • Interpretation, analysis and thematic processing of aerial / space images to create maps for inventory (soil, ecosystems, etc.), assessment (land degradation, soil salinization, etc.), forecast and recommendation purposes and other.
  • Creation of information and analytical systems for space monitoring.