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The VIP series of Electrical transmitters are purposely designed for deep Induced Polarisation or Resistivity sounding investigations.
The VIP 5000 internal microprocessor is capable of excellent current regulation in almost any load.
Predominantly used as part of mineral exploration studies, the VIP series include three systems with different power specifications. This transmitter is generally used together with V-Fullwavers or Elrec Pro receivers.

To simplify operation, the instrument manages the injection current and voltage automatically. When starting, the VIP automatically operates several safe tests to ensure that the device is not misused.
All VIP systems offer four operating modes:
• Time domain waveform, On Time (Ton) and Off time (Toff),
• Frequency domain waveform, outputting two user-selectable frequencies from 0.0625Hz and 4Hz.
• Dual frequency mode, a base frequency is selected from 0.0625 to 0.5Hz and the high frequency is fixed at 8 times the base frequency.
• Continuous mode, injects a constant DC current into the ground.

The VIP 5000 power makes it suitable for use in almost all geological formations. In situation where a wired synchronization is not possible, the VIP can be operated alongside the I-Fullwaver for accurate absolute time stamps when recording precise full waveform time domain measurements.