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The Elrec Pro Switch is a 10 channel Induced Polarisation (IP) and Resistivity receiver designed to improve productivity when recording deep profiles and soundings. Beside the classical arithmetic and logarithmic modes, ELREC Pro also offers a Cole-Cole mode and twenty fully programmable windows for a higher flexibility in the definition of the IP decay curve.
A setup wizard guides the operator through each parameter to ensure the instrument is configured correctly.

The system includes built-in quality control tools to aid the operator validate measurements during data acquisition, and displays IP decay curves in real time.

The Elrec Pro is designed for use with the TIPIX and VIP high-power transmitters’ series. The Elrec automatically synchronizes (and re-synchronizes at each new pulse) with the transmission signal, through the waveform recognition process, ensuring high measurement repeatability.

For large 2D and 3D surveys, the Elrec Pro Switch allows to switch the ten channels of the receiver among 48, 72, 96, 120... electrodes. In practice, this allows to read very large combinations of electrode without having to connect/disconnect several time wires and electrodes. Acquisition time can be strongly reduced compared to receivers featuring a high number of channels but no automatic switching capability.
Complex measurement sequences can be designed and uploaded to the system via Electre II or Electre Pro software.