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Electrotomography (Electrical Tomography) is a modern direction of resistivity and induced polarization method designed to produce two-dimensional and three-dimensional subsurface electrical profiles from measurements taken at the surface or in boreholes.
Essentially, a measurement technique consists in multiple repeated measurements of a signal in receiver lines at various positions of a feed line. In this way, it brings about a kind of “lighting” of geological section from different source positions and projection of signal changed by geological features onto receiver lines. By using this principle and modern inversion algorithms, electrotomography allows you to study complex two-dimensional and three-dimensional media that significantly expands the range of tasks solved by electrical exploration.

Single Meter Setup

Two Meters Setup

It is a good practice to use two-dimensional electrical exploration for all detailed (scale 1: 2000 and larger) geophysical surveys - for geotechnical and hydrogeological surveys, geological section studies at shallow and medium depths in minerals search and explorations.