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Integrated Natural Systems and Environment Surveys

One of the major lines of the Company’s activities is organizing and conducting integrated environmental components surveys for various tasks:

  • Monitoring of onshore and offshore ecosystems and biodiversity;
  • Ecological surveys, including field work, comprising thematic mapping of current state of natural complexes as a whole and separately, of their components (landscapes, ecosystems, soils, vegetation, etc.), development based on cartographical models of assessment and forecast-recommendatory contexts (map of ecological sensitivity of ecosystems and biodiversity, anthropogenic disturbance of lands, productivity of lands, etc.);
  • Development of programs and plans for biodiversity preservation, their implementation in the territory of industrial facilities and their impact zone;
  • Assessment and analysis of man-made pollution of various environmental components.

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Having qualified specialists in various fields of natural sciences (zoologists, botanists, soil scientists, landscape specialists, etc.), our Company is able to conduct integrated field surveys and analyze produces materials in a timely and quality manner. During field surveys (sea and land) the Company uses own modern equipment and laboratory for sample analysis.

Integrated surveys include detailed analysis of the current state of the following environmental components:

  • Atmospheric air;
  • Surface and ground water;
  • Land resources and soils, bottom sediments;
  • Vegetation (aquatic and ground vegetation);
  • Fauna, including hydrobionts (phyto-, zooplankton, benthos);
  • Socioeconomic environment.

In 2015, within the project with ISKER Consortium, the Company has mastered and introduced the new international standard of the World Bank on «Environmental and Social Management System», which is followed in the works conducted in Tengizchevroil territory within the Future Growth Project. According to this standard, quality control is performed for all environmental components directly on work sites.