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TOO «Terra Exploration» LLP  provides services in the area of environmental protection, nature conservation and environmental design; geotechnical, geochemical and geophysical surveys; geodesy, land management and reclamation; provision of Earth remote sensing data; development and implementation of geographic information systems. Engineering services and expert work in the area of subsoil use.

«Terra Exploration» LLP is a 100% Kazakhstan-based company and has highly skilled personnel, necessary hardware and software as well as licenses and permits issued by relevant government agencies. The company runs its quality management system based on requirements of ISO: 9001-2016, 14001-2016, 18001-2016 и 27001-2006.

The Company employs highly qualified specialists of various specializations: (geographers, biologists, ecologists, geologists, soil scientists, climatologists, geodesists, topographers, land surveyors, forestry and settlement gardening specialists, programmers, programmers, photogrametters, GIS-specialists, etc.). They are engaged in learning regularities of the structure and functioning of various natural systems, ecological assessment and monitoring of environmental components.

As the Company offers a variety of services, working groups and teams are created for implementing specific projects with involvement of contractor organizations, certain specialists and experts from various research institutes, production organizations, core competence companies and agencies including foreign ones on a contract basis. This helps to considerably improve the level and quality of developments and promotes continuous training and professional development of specialists.

The Company has necessary state licenses and permits to provide all range of services offered.
The Company’s operations are specific for a wide application and introduction of modern remote sensing technologies, geographical information systems and computer-aided software and hardware complexes into various industries.
CRS and GIS “Terra” is able to promptly provide the Clients with space imagery data (ERS) of various spatial resolution, practically from all world’s operating space vehicles (satellites).

The Company’s philosophy resides in reliability, high-quality and professionalism, openness to cooperation and interaction, creation of long-term business and partnering relationships.